Paraty, Brazil

Brazil- our first place to visit in South-America and definitely not the last one especially considering our impressions about the journey. This trip wasn't exactly like we planned because the plan was to go with our friends and have a fun trip but it turned out that we went there just the two of us... Continue Reading →

Northern Finland and North Cape

Well this was for sure one extreme trip. We started our car trip to north from Helsinki. Our first destination was Saariselkä and to there it was a bit less than a 13 hours drive. In Saariselkä we had a very cosy place booked, Herranterttu Apartments. This was a little cosy apartment with sauna, living... Continue Reading →

Plans for 2019

As it is already January I think it is time to tell you about our this years plans. We have quite many trips already booked but still I hope there will be some more. Our first trip will be at the end of January when we are going to Northern Finland for skiing. We will... Continue Reading →


This post won’t be very long and maybe not the most informative. The reason is very simple, we stayed in Moscow only for one weekend and as it was our work trip we didn’t have enough time to explore the city. Moscow is very big and I think we saw only one little part of... Continue Reading →

Marrakech to Sahara

On our stay in Marrakech we took a three day trip to the desert. There are many companies that offer that kind of trip and so it wasn't very easy to choose. We decided that we want a private tour and we took a tour through Marrakech Desert Trips. So what does the 3-day desert tour... Continue Reading →


I have so many different feelings about our trip to Marrakech. You will understand if you continue reading.  We bought the plane tickets about half a year back because the price was good and as we have never been to Morocco we thought why not. Also one of my colleagues said that she really liked... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Farang

Restaurant Farang is located in the premises of the contemporary art museum Kunsthalle Helsinki (Ainonkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki). It is a place that offers unique and genuine Southeast Asian flavors. Me and my boyfriend have now been there twice and both times we came away with full stomach and smiley face. The food is just so... Continue Reading →

Northern Italy

Italy is definitely one of the best places where to spend your holiday. I just love Italy! I have been in Italy 4 times now but I still would go back there any time. Our car trip to Italy was at the end of august and we spent there two weeks. One week we stayed in... Continue Reading →


Ireland was a country that caused dual feelings in me. I knew that the nature there is beautiful and there are some places (not many) I would like to go but I always thought that the weather there is bad all the time. As I want to travel everywhere I decided that we have to... Continue Reading →

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